REDENSYL® is the newest breakthrough cosmetic active ingredient based on regenerative medicine researches, that gives better results than  a surgical procedure for hair transplant in 84 days.

REDENSYL® dramatically reactivates hair growth and decreases hair loss with clinically visible results in 84 days by:

  • Re-launching stem cells activity and proliferation. The outer root sheath stem cells (ORSc) are vitalized, thus triggering a new hair cycle.
  • Increasing the dermal papilla’s fibroblasts metabolism. Hair follicles are nourished resulting in the stem cells switching on the Anagen phase faster.
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Mode of Action

  1. The scalp is soothed to prepare the action of the other molecules
  2. Stem cells are woken up they migrate down to create a new matrix
  3. Hair cells are boosted they are ready to produce a new hair
  4. Zinc and Glycine nourish the matrix and favor a faster hair growth

Hair Follicle Growth Test (Philpott Test)

Protocol: 24 hair follicles from men suffering from alopecia were maintained alive with either 1% of Minoxidil or 1% of Redensyl® during 10 days. Hair growth was measured in µm at D7 and D10.

! Redensyl® increases hair growth by +214% compared to untreated
! Redensyl® shows almost two times better results than Minoxidil, the  benchmark reference.